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Leimet locking pins

Lukitustapit leimet

The standard sizes are:

ABB Plus Pile Joint
18,8 x 115 mm
18,8 x 120 mm
18,8 x 135 mm
18,8 x 140 mm
18,8 x 168 mm

Single Pin Pile Joint
19,8 x 190 mm
19,8 x 223 mm
19,8 x 240 mm

All the locking pins are available in three different steel qualities.

Rock point top pins

Kärkitapit leimet

The Leimet rock point has a detachable, tempered top pin.
The standard sizes are:

59,5 x 150 mm
59,5 x 200 mm
79,5 x 150 mm
79,5 x 200 mm

The top pin is manufactured from special-alloy steel and tempered to a hardness of 520640 HV.

Kalliokärki DETAIL SMALL

Box shoes

Leimet levykenka

If there are no large boulders or rocks in the soil, the pile end can be equipped with a box shoe.

Crack rings

Sidevanne leimet

The crack ring protects the top end of the pile against cracks while driving.

Drive plates

A drive plate is used to protect a joint on pile. The plate is installed on top of the joint on the bottom pile to protect the locking dowels of the joint from the driving impacts. The drive plates are either made of a plastic compound or cast metal.

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