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Established in 1964, Leimet Oy is a family-owned company operating in the metal sector. Our core business is the manufacturing and marketing of rock point and joint elements used in concrete foundation piles to pile foundries around the world.
We are involved in the strong quality chain of deep foundation. For 50 years, numerous infrastructure elements and buildings have been built upon our products, including railways, roads, harbours and logistical centres. Our workshop refines load-bearing parts from steel, with reliability and a long service life as the starting point for design and dimensioning.
We want to assist our customers in the construction of strong and safe foundations with a long life cycle.
The goal of all our operations is high customer satisfaction and, consequently, a profitable business.
Our main market areas outside Finland include other Scandinavian countries and Western Europe. Thanks to our high production efficiency and quality combined with half a century's experience, our customers are guaranteed to have a competitive product.
Piling materials made from steel have been included in our product range since the company was first established. Leimet Oy has a continuous quality control agreement with the Finnish VTT and Swedish SBS.

There is no building without piling.

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